Do You Know Your Home?

How to settle in after moving and get to know your property

If you’ve just purchased your new home and have now moved in, congratulations! You probably have a lot of ideas for what you want to do with it. But, it’s best practice to know more about your home after moving in, but before you settle in and make changes. This two-part guide will help you know your home! Here are the first four areas to investigate:

  1. Safety
  2. Security
  3. Mould
  4. Pests


It’s important to have an action plan should there be a fire or another emergency. Make sure that you and your family know how to get out of the house. Create a defined exit strategy for each sleeping area as well.

Check your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Not only replace the batteries but check to ensure that the alarms themselves haven’t expired yet. Unsure? Replace them to be on the safe side. Normally, these devices should be replaced every five or ten years.

Is there a fire extinguisher? Has it expired? Do you know how to use it? If not, here is what you need to do and what steps to follow to extinguish house fires.


While the previous homeowner may have turned over their house keys to you or your agent, you never really know how many others are out there. Have the locks changed by a locksmith or learn how to do it yourself!

Is there a security system for the house? What about doors with a keypad for access? Change all existing codes so that only your family knows how to get in.


While you may have had your new house inspected for mould before you bought it, be on the lookout for any areas where water collects. There could be hidden mould behind water-damaged drywall, or underneath carpet or other flooring. Remember, even if you remove the mould, there is a cause for it: It’s a moisture problem.


Depending on what time of year the house was purchased; you may not have noticed certain pests. Mice could show up in the winter when they’re looking for somewhere warm to live, and skunks, rabbits, ants, and wasps could appear in the summer. Be prepared and know how to deal with each kind of wildlife or insect.

Part Two

That’s Part One. Come back to this space later this month for more things to help you settle into your new home, and what more you should know about your home and about your property!

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Photo by DESIGNECOLOGIST on Unsplash