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Do You Know Proper Open House Etiquette?

 Do You Know Proper Open House Etiquette? You’ve decided that you are in the market for a house, and are looking for homes that fit your wants and needs. After researching, you’ve located some homes that are up for sale and have upcoming Open Houses.  With the recent changes in the industry and the implementation of the Trust In Real Estate Services Act (TRESA), there are some new protocols. So before you go, let’s review the latest on Open House etiquette.  With new TRESA guidelines, there are changes to your options for representation. You can either elect to work [...]

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Title Insurance – Why it Matters

 Title Insurance – Why it Matters How Will Title Insurance Protect Me? You’ve likely heard of title insurance.  But why is title insurance important and what does it cover?  How Title Insurance Works Legal property ownership is referred to as the title. When property ownership is attained and the transfer document is signed, the buyer acquires the title. The title is then recorded with the government under their land registration system. When you need to show proof of ownership, this is it. If you don’t have title insurance, it can be purchased through a title insurance company or a [...]

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May 2024 Market Report – Keeping Pace

May 2024 Market Report – Keeping Pace GTA real estate numbers continued to rise in April, with the average sales price and total number of sales increasing.  New listings, as I expected, were due for a significant bump. And that is just what happened in April. But there are other interesting numbers to discuss, so let’s dive into April’s results! GTA After a small 1.2% month-to-month average sales price increase from February to March, March to April yielded solid 3.1% growth, from $1,121,615 to $1,156,167.  The average price in April is 0.3% higher than April 2023’s $1,152,519. We’re now [...]

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10 Functional Ideas for Your Small Spaces

10 Functional Ideas for Your Small Spaces How to make small spaces and rooms look and feel bigger It can sometimes be frustrating living in a smaller space or finding out what to do with tiny rooms. But there are ways to make the most of each space that you may not have thought of. Embrace the space you have, make it your own, and increase its versatility with these ten functional ideas! Ten Functional Choices for Smaller Spaces Paint Floors Ottomans Tuck it Away Windowsills Length Matters Combine Spaces Embrace the Space More Than a Bed Build Around [...]

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Top 10 Condo Amenities

Top 10 Condo Amenities What’s New and What’s Popular   Living in a condo can have its advantages. Developers now include new, attractive, and innovative condo amenities to heighten the living experience. Some of these new amenities can even make your daily life feel like a vacation! Here are ten examples of newer condo amenities that are making an impact with condo owners: Ten New Innovative Condo Amenities Pet Perks Level-Up Gyms Wine Cellars Meditation Rooms Greenhouse Next Level Relaxation In Your Court Let it Rain Infinity? No, eFinity Bring on the Salt Pet Perks Do you want to [...]

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Condo Pet Etiquette – 5 Things to Know

Condo Pet Etiquette – 5 Things to Know How to make living with a pet pleasant for everyone. Owning a pet is a fulfilling experience. Though pet ownership already comes with its fair share of challenges, living in a condo presents a few more to overcome. But simply being aware and considerate can help ensure a good experience for you, your pet, and the other condo owners.  If you’re a condo owner and you’re thinking about getting a pet, or if you already own one, there are aspects of pet ownership in a condo and some best practices that [...]

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